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Revitalising Your Skin Journey!

Embark on a personalised skincare journey with our meticulous, tailored approach, designed exclusively to meet your unique skin needs and conditions. Under the expert guidance of Dr Inna Szalontay - representing the sixth generation in a family of skincare experts - we are dedicated to providing precise and transformative solutions crafted just for you.

Our Legacy in Skincare:

Our heritage is steeped in six generations of skincare expertise that Dr Inna Szalontay's family has accumulated. This extensive knowledge enables us to assess and understand your skin's intricate needs and tailor skincare routines and products specifically to those needs, ensuring optimal results and benefits.

    What's Included in Your Subscription:

    Personalised Assessment:

    Receive a comprehensive skin assessment and bespoke skincare plan from Dr Inna Szalontay based on our dedicated questionnaire, uploaded skin pictures, and optional consultations, including lifestyle, diet, and professional aesthetic procedure recommendations.

    Red Signature Box:

    Delight in a luxurious box filled with 8 to 12 tailor-selected skincare products chosen specifically to meet your individual needs. (We never add unnecessary products!)

    Post-Purchase Experience:

    Once you've joined our community, you'll receive a streamlined email with instructions to commence your transformative skincare journey and enjoy our concierge-level customer care. 

    Benefits of Becoming a Long-term Member:

    Continuous, Personalised Care:

    Skincare is a continuous journey of achieving the best possible results and rejuvenating skin. Receive our routine at intervals of 30, 45, or 60 days, each tailored to adapt to your skin's evolving needs, ensuring enduring care and rejuvenation.

    Flexible Subscription:

    Optimise your skincare benefits by aligning the arrival of your next box with the completion of your previous one, and enjoy the convenience of choosing the interval that suits you best.

    Referral Program:

    Avail exclusive perks by participating in our rewarding referral program. 

    Start Your Journey!

    Discover transformative skincare like never before! Subscribe now and embark on your revitalising journey with us, leveraging generations of skincare expertise to achieve your skin goals.