Discovered in nature. Perfected by science.

At Libi & Daughters we merge traditional apothecary formulas, using the finest ingredients found in nature, with modern science for the most effective and gentle skincare.

Our formulas

Performance-driven with powerful actives

Our formulas are focused on performance with efficacy being our primary goal. We are not driven by cost, but by what is necessary for the products to be as effective as possible. We formulate our skincare with high concentrations of active, nutrient-rich botanicals, balanced with protective elements, and delivered to the right place at the right time.


Our skin functions and look’s its best when balanced, and what makes balance special is that it is simultaneously delicate and strong. Our routines work as a symphony to restore the delicate balance of your skin’s natural rhythm and microbiome and build a strong healthy barrier to support future stressors.


All our formulations are based on scientific research with ingredients that have proven efficacy.


Many skincare producers fill their products with water and other fillers and additives which are at best unnecessary, and at worse, irritating or harmful. Our promise is to only ever formulate our products with things you need, and nothing you don’t.


Human skin is remarkable. It has an innate ability to heal. Our formulas integrate with the natural rest, recovery and turnover processes of the body. Following the routine will ensure that you are using the ingredients optimal to protect, nourish and restore your skin’s natural function.

"We stand apart from fleeting beauty trends. Our commitment to harnessing the potency of plant-based ingredients for personalised skincare has been a cornerstone of our brand from the very beginning."

Dr. Inna Szalontay

Our ingredients

Uncompromising quality

We carefully source all our ingredients to ensure the highest quality. While we want to nourish your skin with the best ingredients our planet has to offer, our commitment to efficacy and safety means we sometimes use synthetic ingredients when they offer superior results.

Made fresh, to order

Just as eating real foods is healthier and more beneficial than eating processed foods, so is skincare that is as fresh and nutrient-rich as possible. That is why we only include minimal amounts of non-irritating preservatives so that our products are as potent and fresh as possible. Most mass-produced skincare is made to sit on shelves for months or even years.

In nature, we find perfection.

There is a world full of beautiful plant-based ingredients passed down by generations in every corner of the world. Many of our key ingredients were passed on to us from our foremothers. For example, in our product, Regenerating Ointment No64, which was originally created to treat burns on soldiers during World War I, we use natural lanolin, also called “wool wax”, which comes from sheeps wool and is very similar to human skin, making it easily absorbed. This formula also contains Sea buckthorn oil which is known for its restorative properties.


  • 23 botanical extracts and actives
  • 26 different plant oils
  • 6 different vitamins-8 different essential oils
  • 7 different hydrating/moisturising ingredients
  • 6 different peptides
  • 6 different cosmetic acids

Our lab

Advanced tech enabling small batch creation

Our certified laboratory, located in the heart of Budapest, encompasses the latest technology to create all of Libi & Daughters' products and prepare your monthly tailored skincare plan. Equipped with the most advanced technology, it is a highly sterile lab, carefully designed to meet rigorous European quality standards. The lab has been ISO 22716:2007 certified by SGS.