The Discovery Box

An introduction to Libi & Daughters

Sample a curated selection of our exclusive products, and give your skin a healthy boost.

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An introduction

The Discovery Box

Our Discovery Set is like a starter kit for giving your skin a healthy boost. It's designed to help your skin regulate itself, so it can fight both external and internal stressors, without needing extra help. Using the set regularly makes your skin stronger and more resilient. You will start seeing results with just the first box, as long as you stick to the routine.


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The Discovery Box Experience

5 essential products for a healthy boost

Restore & strengthen

Rebuilds the water-lipid mantle, restoring and strengthening the skin's barrier function

Nourish & regenerate

Nourishes and regenerates with vitamins, minerals, microelements, and antioxidants

Cleanse & detoxify

Deeply cleanses and detoxifies

Even out skin imperfections

Exfoliates dead skin cells, tightens the pores and evens out skin imperfections

Achieve a radiant complexion

Results in radiant, even-toned complexion with a youthful appearance


Who will benefit from the Discovery Box?

The Discovery Box is an ideal choice for people with relatively trouble-free skin, teenagers who are just beginning their skincare journey, those seeking to gift a loved one, or those desiring a straightforward routine without the additional support of our skincare concierge. It is suitable for oily, dry and allergy-prone skin, but not those with acne or rosacea. If you want the full Libi & Daughters experience, complete with a comprehensive personalised skincare routine and dedicated support, our signature Red Box is a better choice.

Our ingredient promise

Uncompromising quality and efficacy

We formulate our skincare with potent concentrations of nourishing botanicals , balanced with protective elements, delivered to the right place at the right time. Our ingredients are meticulously sourced and selected for their clinical efficacy.