Christmas Collection

Winter is a time, when skin is exposed to the toughest conditions – cold, wind, dryness indoors, less sun and not enough vitamins. As a result, the skin becomes more fragile and dry. Our objective is making your skin strong and healthy, so that it can shine in the Spring. The main objectives of this routine are the following:

  • Nourishing and regenerating,
  • Healing flaky and dry skin,
  • Improving the skin barrier function,
  • Preventing hyperpigmentation by inhibition of melanin production, and
  • Making the skin radiant and even-toned.
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Science meets tradition

Our wonderful Christmas offer is a unique combination of two products, where science meets tradition, and is a fantastic introduction to the effectiveness of Libi & Daughters. It contains some of our star products, aimed at helping your skin conditions and answering your skin needs during the challenging winter months.

The objective of No63 “Invigorating Ointment” is to provide deep nourishment and protection to the skin. No72 “Anti Pigmentation Serum” includes components, which prepare the skin for the sun, allowing to avoid the appearance of pigmentation in the Spring.